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Whole Soap Loaf with Camphor
Whole Soap Loaf with Camphor

Whole Soap Loaf with Camphor

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An entire loaf, 2lbs of naturally made soap with Calendula officinalis infused oils and goat milk. This particular batch is formulated for washing the body and hands and contains no fragrance other than camphor oil.

There is nothing more gentle than soap and water for cleansing the skin. Luxury oils and naturally formed glycerin remain in the final product, thus the soap is never harsh or drying for the skin. Glycerin helps attract moisture to your skin after use, making handmade soap naturally moisturizing. All the olive oil used in these soaps is infused with healing calendula flowers for at least two weeks, for maximum skin benefits. The final ingredient added to each batch is goat milk, adding extra creaminess to the lather and making the use of handmade soap a truly luxurious experience.

Please note this soap contains soy butter. Custom formulations of this soap can be made.