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Calendula Skin

Lavender Shaving Soap

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Small batch shaving soap flowers were created to make a dense, creamy and slippery lather to facilitate the gliding of a razor. With a semi-squishy texture intended to be mild when rubbed on the skin, this soap is ideal for women’s shaving needs. 

Enriched: kaolin clay for a smooth slip, shea butter and goat milk for a luxurious lather

Fragrance: lavender

Ingredients: calendula flower infused olive oil, sunflower oil, hemp seed oil, castor oil, coconut oil, soy butter, shea butter and lye, goat milk, kaolin clay, fragrance and essential oils

How to use: rub directly onto wet skin to make a creamy lather for smooth shaving

Warning: flowers are coated in tapioca starch, but do not contain tapioca starch once the other layer is rinsed off. For external use only