small batch soap bars

naturally made with calendula infused olive oil, minimally processed for maximum skin benefits, made in the USA

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artisan soaps with goat milk and calendula

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Seasonal Box with THREE randomly picked Calendula Skin soap bars

Why: your favorite Calendula Skin bar of soap is made in a small batch and may not be available on a recurring basis. New, limited edition and seasonal batches of beautiful soap are made all the time. The wonderful ingredients are the same, but the theme of each batch varies

What will I receive: Seasonal Boxes will be a lovely surprise, delivered on your schedule, presenting you with three different limited edition soap bars, carefully selected for you

how to make handmade soap last longer

Make the most of your soap bar

Use a soap dish that allows air flow and let your soap bar dry completely between uses.    

Rub soap directly onto skin and a loofah can also be used to create more bubbles.

Water beading is normal, as glycerin attracts moisture from the air. Simply rinse this moisture off before use.

For external use only. Handmade soap is suitable for hands, body and face, but discontinue use if any irritation occurs.

Wash often and be selfish with your soap!

Meet your soap creator

Calendula Skin makes artisan soap for people with wellness in mind. In a world where exposure to unnecessary chemicals is endless, I am offering a natural product for cleansing the skin, most effective in removing dirt and bacteria, while protecting the skin's natural protective barrier. 

The mastermind, chemist and artist behind Calendula Skin is me, Mara! Making soap from scratch is an extension of my educational background, allowing me to formulate my own proprietary and customizable recipes. I personally select the butters and oils for the soaps and combine them to balance their moisturizing and nourishing properties. I am growing my own calendula flowers which I harvest for olive oil infusions.

I am most proud to offer an essential product I truly believe in, while being directly involved in every aspect of this business and I warmly invite you to make your skin "Calendula Skin".

Who makes custom soap recipes